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Consumer Financing Services

  • New Purchase, Refinancing, Term Loans / Equity Loans
    • Residential Property Home Loans E.g. HDB flats, Executive Condos and Private Properties
    • Commercial Property Loans E.g. Shophouses, Retail Shop Space, Coffeeshops, Offices, etc.
    • Industrial Property Loans, E.g. Factories, Warehouses etc.
    • International Property Loans E.g. U.K, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, U.S.A, etc.
  • Renovation and Home Construction Loans
  • Bridging Loans
  • Part Share Financing / Decoupling
  • Personal Loans
  • In Principle Approval / Loan Eligibility Assessment
  • Valuation (Formal / Indicative)

Corporate Financing Services

  • Business Term Loans
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Factoring
  • Vehicles, Equipment and Machinery financing
  • Trade Financing Facilities E.g. Letter of Credit, Banker’s Guarantee, Invoice Financing etc.
  • Property Loans
  • Government Assistance Schemes E.g. SME Micro Loans, SME Working Capital Loans etc.
  • SME Grant Advisory E.g. Capability Development Grant, ACES Startup Grant, Innovation and Capability Voucher etc.


  • We have established tie ups with:
    • All local and foreign financial institutions in Singapore, thus able to maximize savings for our clients by offering them the best deals available.
    • Overseas financial institutions to offer financing in areas which Singapore financial institutions do not finance, thus able to offer a wider range of financing solutions to our clients.
    • Valuers to offer better pricing for a formal valuation report if required by our clients.
    • Law firms for conveyancing to offer convenience as a one stop service centre when we are managing our clients’ property portfolio.
    • Sherlock Rewards Partners to offer more benefits to clients via discounts and promotions.


  • The only mortgage broker firm in Singapore to offer an IPA Loan Guarantee
  • 24/7 contactability via call, text or whatsapp
  • Our vast experience allow us to propose innovative financing solutions that suits our clients’ needs best
  • The business partners we work with have been carefully selected, so that our valued business partners’ interests are not compromised
  • Our valued business partners can tap on our knowledge and expertise to attain a Win-Win-Win scenario

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